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Presentations MicroNanoConference 13 & 14 December the International MicroNanoConference took place in the Beurs van Berlage in Amsterdam.

We’re looking back at a great event with impressive keynotes and inspiring presentations. Bob Hodgson Geneva ZERNIKE (UK) Communicating potential: investment readiness Business plan Market data and evidence Communications skills Differentiating the investment pitch Cultivation of the risk takers Bob Hodgson Geneva ZERNIKE (UK) Recognising what is there and what to be added An IP audit to codify present technology.

Donis Flagello, President, CEO, and COO of Nikon Research Corporation of America (NRCA), will be presented with the Frits Zernike Award for Microlithography on Monday 27 February during SPIE.

Les Adams, Erik Malan and Wendy Zernike (Griffith University) Coach: Professor Evan Douglas Remote off-grid and isolated communities have limited access to reliable, affordable and sustainable electricity and rely on costly diesel generation.

Zernike polynomials Why does anyone care about Zernike polynomials? A little history about their development. Definitions and math - what are they?

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Zernike business presentations
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