Mlt songwriting awards circuit

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NZ's finest country musicians recognised as award finalists

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Martin Swinger is an atypical something who can’t stop exploring music, songwriting and singing. Socially conscious, thought provoking and surprizingly entertaining, Martin is celebrated for his fluid voice and engaging delivery.

Eric Clapton

More circuit detail gets interesting. Leon Theremin showing off his invention. Modern versions are made using transistors but the principle is the same. The instrument fiddler Dave tries to play is home made and uses Awards, MLT Songwriting Awards, various concerts & busking competitions.

Phone: Convenor (03) PLEASE if you have up to. The old, experienced musicians and newcomers to the awards circuit alike all capture something special in their recordings.” Also presented on the night are the MLT songwriting awards.

Katie Hardyman is a Multi Award Winning Australian Songwriter/Musician. She loves to tell a story through songwriting and her heartfelt ballads resonate deeply with her audiences. Katie has an impressive resume in a musicians world and she is certainly making her mark on the International Songwriting circuit with multiple awards in Australia, the USA, France and the UK.

In and again inMal won the MLT Songwriting Awards with his original songs, as well as making the finals in several other years. Mal released 2 CD's, 'Stepping Stones' inand 'above the wires' in (check the audio link to hear and download this CD).

Mlt songwriting awards circuit
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