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Nima Abu-Wardeh (Arabic: نعمة أبو وردة) was the presenter of the BBC World News weekly financial programme Middle East Business Report until it ended in March She is of Palestinian descent and studied in London.

Broadcast Journalist covering the Middle East and North Africa, based in Dubai.

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Reporter/Presenter of Middle East Business Report for BBC World turkiyeninradyotelevizyonu.com: Presenter & Correspondent, BBC.

Aug 16,  · Alice Baxter (née Hibbert) - Presenter, BBC World Business Report. The London presenter also presents links for UK viewers during commercial breaks, while the Singapore presenter goes on to present Asia Business Report at the bottom of each hour. During major events in North America the programme is also presented from Washington.

Avid BBC World watchers will recognize Nima Abu-Wardeh as the face of the channel’s weekly financial programme, Middle East Business Report, which is based in Dubai.

Business Presenters - BBC News Presenters

Nima is the founder of MZone, a content provider and consultancy service specializing in media and business issues relating to. Ben also presents the business news on BBC Breakfast every Friday on BBC One from the programme’s studios in Salford.

Before taking up this latest role Ben was the BBC’s North America Business Correspondent, based in New York and Middle East Business .

Middle east business report bbc presenter goes
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