Indusrial revolution

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industrial revolution

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Women Workers in the British Industrial Revolution. Joyce Burnette, Wabash College. Historians disagree about whether the British Industrial Revolution () was beneficial for women.

The Industrial Revolution (–). The term Industrial Revolution, like similar historical concepts, is more convenient than precise. It is convenient because history requires division into periods for purposes of understanding and instruction and because there were sufficient innovations at the turn of the 18th and 19th centuries to justify the choice of this as one of the periods.

Prior to industrialization in England, land was the primary source of wealth. The landed aristocracy held enormous powers the feudal system.

Second Industrial Revolution

However, a new source of great wealth grew from the Industrial Revolution, that which was derived from the ownership of factories and machinery. During the s the Industrial Revolution spread throughout Britain. Britain changes from a rural society to an urban one. InBritain was still a rural nation with.

Schwab puts the most recent changes into historical context, outlines the key technologies driving this revolution, discusses the major impacts on governments, businesses, civil society and individuals, and suggests ways to respond.

Looking for online biographies of important people of the Industrial Revolution? Check out our companion page: Biographies of the Industrial Revolution to find lots of more resources. Easier - An industrial revolution occurs when people move from living and working on farms to working in factories and living in cities.

Indusrial revolution
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