Describe two or more psychological explanations

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Physiological Stress Response

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The study emphasizes the importance of behavioral factors in atherogenesis, even in a model of disease with extremely strong genetic determinants. Simply having a biological predisposition, or a heightened sensitivity to stress, is not enough to develop an anxiety disorder.

As previously mentioned, a person is more likely to develop an anxiety disorder if they are biologically predisposed to anxiety, in conjunction with a psychological vulnerability. The second point of consideration is which of these two chosen topics has stronger evidence to support their argument, inferring that either testosterone or serotonin is the more likely cause of.

A-Level Psychology

o Lists all the acceptable labels for all psychological disorders with descriptions for each disorder and explanations of how to distinguish them from similar disorders o Five axes of the DSM-IV The coexistence in one person of two or more largely complete, and usually very different, personalities; formerly called multiple-personality.

outline and evaluate two or more biological explanations for schizophrenia. Describe and evaluate at least two biological treatments for schizophrenia. Documents Similar To Describe and Evaluate at Least Two Biological Treatments for Schizophrenia. cause of a cause of E is also a cause of E, a more remote cause, there is a psychological explanations of behavior (in speaking of “psychological” AUTHOR’S NOTE: Please address all correspondence to Fred Dretske, Philosophy Department, My purpose in this paper is to describe a difference between two types of.

Describe two or more psychological explanations
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