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Why do broadcasters use College Green?

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BBC accidentally shows woman's breasts during News at Ten

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The BBC Owns Up As FBC Scandal Deepens!

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BBC business presenter Aaron Heslehurst had a troublesome encounter with the cameras in Maytelling viewers “you’ve got to love these robotic cameras” before appearing to reach out to try to turn the camera round.

He was shouted at by. Business lessons from a pioneer of cheap flights the BBC said on Wednesday as it published its annual report. Some senior female presenters were given pay rises over the same period. Watch the latest international business headlines from BBC World News.

Or read the BBC News Business Market Data Overview. The BBC was embroiled in a massive new gender pay row today as a major report revealed men are earning as much as 20 per cent more than women in some high profile presenter roles.

Sally Bundock joined the business team at the BBC in and has been presenting the early morning edition of World Business Report on BBC One, BBC News Channel and BBC World News since.

BBC to allow top-earning stars to engage critics on social media

BBC to allow top-earning stars to engage critics on social media The BBC must make the disclosure under the terms of its year royal charter negotiated with David Cameron’s government. (Reuters).

Bbc world business report presenters media
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